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Day 1: Create & Challenge

Start your camp with creativity and team building at Capital E! First up, it’s exploring Virtual Reality in MediaLab. Next up, City Gallery WellingtonJoin the gallery educators for a Mural Tour and Screenprinting Workshop. Create a screenprint inspired by what you have seen incorporating kupu Māori.  

Day 2: Protest & Demonstrate

Start your day at Wellington Museum, which gives students the chance to connect the past, present, and future. In our Protest and Action programmestudents reflect on the driving factors behind social changeand contemporary issues. After lunch, it’s on to Capital E’s OnTV where your class will create their own TV show!

Day 3: Tour & Explore

Take the Cable Car up to Space Place, where your students will discover the collection of telescopes in a Telescope Tour. Eat a packed lunch in always beautiful Botanic Gardens.  Next up, Nairn Street CottageThe cottage is a 30 minute walk from Space Place. Here your students can explore Waves of Migrationwith a guided visit of the Wallis family home

Come to City Gallery Wellington and become an art explorer this Family Day.
Using your imagination and looking closely who knows what you’ll discover!

The Future of Monuments

Today, many want to pull down war memorials as expressions of bad politics, especially those memorials that legitimise evil and injustice. Are there 'good' war memorials—and who decides? Can we make use of 'bad' war memorials? How do we understand miscellaneous contemporary war-memorial projects, like Peter Eisenman's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin and Ground Zero in New York, or Weta and Te Papa's The Scale of War and Peter Jackson 'colourising' World War I footage? What form could future memorials take?

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Saturday 16 July | 11am - 4pm

Is it a flower? Is it a house? Is it a space station? Help us bring Bloom to life using bright pink construction pieces to connect, construct, and deconstruct whole new worlds. Imagine and collaborate as a family. 


Foyer | 11am-4pm | Drop-in

The sky is full of stars or are they flowers? Come and construct your own flower sculpture to take home. Decorate the petals with shapes and colour. Turn it into a badge to wear home. What will your flower look like?   

Paper Flower Making

Upstairs | 11am-4pm | Drop-in

Make a zine all about your dream car. How would you decorate it? What would you add so we know it belongs to you?  Look around and find artist Ming Ranginui’s car for inspiration.

Check out my Car Zine Making

Upstairs | 11am-4pm | Drop-in

What do you see when you visit the Gallery? Borrow a camera and take a photo of something unusual or unexpected, or maybe missed by other visitors. Share it or take it home as your own souvenir.

Odd Shot Photos

Foyer | 11am-4pm | Drop-in

Become an art explorer by joining one our tour guides to look closely at one artwork. Encounter art together as we tell stories about, ask questions, and look to discover more.

Art Encounter Jr

12pm & 2pm

Be delighted and entertained by short films from Square Eyes which explore new worlds of imagination.

Square Eyes Films

Auditorium | 11am-4pm | Drop-in

Art and imagination come to life in these pop-up story times. Join us as art and imagination come to life! Pop-up story times weave together enchanting tales inspired by the exhibition Matarau.

Story Time


Be delighted and entertained by short films from Square Eyes which explore new worlds of imagination.

Square Eyes Films

Auditorium | 11am-4pm | Drop In

Please help us in supporting our communities’ well-being by wearing a mask and observing social distancing while visiting.